Sven Sterken

Sven Sterken (° 1975) obtained a masters in architectural engineering from the university of Ghent, and a PhD (2004) from the same university with a doctoral thesis on the spatial and multimedia work of the composer Iannis Xenakis. At present, he is an associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Leuven University, where he teaches courses in architectural history and history of urbanism at both the bachelor and masters level. His current research focuses primarily on the architectural culture of the second half of the 20th century in Belgium, with a special interest in how architecture serves the territorial strategies of commercial, religious and political organizations. His ongoing research project ‘Catholic Territories in a Suburban Landscape. Religion and Urbanization in Belgium, 1945-1975’ studies for example how, in a context of industrialization, urbanization and secularization, the Belgian Roman Catholic Church tried to secure a religious presence in the rapidly evolving (sub)urban landscape during the post war period (1945-75). A former vice-president of the Belgian chapter of DOCOMOMO International (2012-2014), Sven Sterken is also actively involved in the debate about the conservation and future use of modern architecture.


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