Eline Inghelbrecht

Eline Inghelbrecht is a PhD researcher in the field of urbanism and urban planning. She works on a  research project titled ‘The Socio-ecological Turn in Urbanism. Historicizing Interpolations between Ecology, Urban design and Participation in Brussels’ under the supervision of prof. Bruno Notteboom, prof. Sven Sterken and dr. Koenraad Danneels. With this research she will make a historical reflection of social and ecological tensions within urban development processes in Brussels, paying specific attention to citizen participation. During the process of this research, citizen organizations and policy makers are offered a seat at the table to understand how historical tendencies are or can be of influence on Brussels’ on today’s Brussels. Eline holds a master’s degree in history (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2021) and a M. Sc. in Urban Studies (VUB-ULB, 2022).