Dries Pattyn

Dries Pattyn (°1996, Kortrijk) graduated in 2020 as an urban designer and spatial planner from the Faculty of Architecture at KU Leuven in Ghent. Prior to that, he gained valuable experience by working at De Urbanisten in Rotterdam and OMGEVING in Antwerp during his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, which he completed in 2017 at KASK Ghent.

Seeking further growth in his design and implementation skills, Dries relocated to Berlin in late 2020. There, he joined the design office VOGT Landschaft, where he contributed to various projects focusing on the integration of green space in urban planning and architectural projects situated in Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin.

Currently, Dries Pattyn is engaged in research that explores the intersections of ecology, urban design, and participation in Brussels. This research is conducted in collaboration with Eline Inghelbrecht as part of their parallel PhD trajectories within the research project titled ‘The Socio-ecological Turn in Urbanism’.