Thibault Desmet

Thibault Desmet works as a doctoral researcher on the project ‘Architectural Space Taught and Thought. Trading Zones of the Concept of Space, 1945-1980’ led by Filip Mattens, Rajesh Heynickx and Stéphane Symons. His research focuses on space and spatiality in (anti-)psychoanalysis, philosophy and anthropology, and more specifically on the interaction of body and space and on how spatiality enables to think. For him, autism, nomads, pilgrims, refugees, foreigners and people in need serve as teachers of how body and space are in a constant dialogue. Thibault focusses on how architecture as a companion helps to be outside: exposed and sheltered.

In 2021, Thibault completed his master’s degree in architecture at Ghent University with a thesis on Belgian architect Wim Cuyvers, about which he published in De Witte Raaf. He then studied at the Institute of Philosophy in Leuven, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2022.